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Localization Services

A-Square Press provides variety of services in the Localization of documents. The services range from a draft/summary translation, to a final certified translation. The Localization of a document undergoes a strict process of correction at three levels. All personnel at A-Square Press are experienced in Localization services. They are well qualified, trained and certified in the field of Localization services. We keep abreast of the global trend in Localization services.

File Preparation

We use various text extraction process to get the quality output deliverable. Our manual and automated proofreading check will improve our text accuracy from the initial stage onward. We recreate the deliverable in all formats as per the client's requirement. Our recreation has been the copy of the original source file in different platform for easy to startup of next DTP process.

DTP Services

We provide comprehensive DTP services in all languages. DTP in a foreign language can be a daunting task. If your document’s layout includes text, images, graphics, rendering these in a different language requires in-depth knowledge of special characters, correct word and line breaks as well as appropriate artwork placement, or even replacement.

Artwork Services

Our dedicated artwork processors provide the conversion to any output format as per the requirement including color conversions. We improve the image clarity and quality of line, halftone, and color images.

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DTP-QA Services

A-square follows three tier quality for quality check process. Our output passes through pre-QC, QC, shipping-QA before reaching the client. Our team will do the manual and auto proofreading against the source file and we also ensure the layout and design check against client specification as well as with A-Square Project Manual Document (PMD).

Website Localization

We offer you a comprehensive work in all aspects of the website localization formatting services. With an established foot print in the Localization Industry, we provide excellent localized version of the website service to our clients. Our services result in our clients’ website being an user friendly in the Internet.

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Website Localization
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